Smart LED Lights for a Magical Outdoor Decoration

Outdoor LED lighting is an exciting way of decorating your yard, terrace, or garden, particularly during summer. Spending quality time outdoors has not been the same since the pandemic struck. Lockdowns and numerous restrictions that discourage social gatherings have made most people improvise by spending time outside their home or hosting small groups outdoors.

If you have an outdoor space, you can always invent ways to have fun with your loved ones and what better way than having a beautifully lit space that would amaze your friends and family. Regardless of the size of your backyard, garden or terrace you can create an eye-pleasing ambiance effortlessly using decorative LED lights.

There are plenty of ideas to consider when it comes to decorating your outdoor spaces with LED lights. Your lights will not only have a function of illuminating your walkways, dining or lounge area but also create a joyful ambiance for everyone to enjoy.

Garden and Outdoor Decoration with LED lights redefined by iSparkle
If you are in the mood to decorate your outdoor spaces with LED lights, get ready to take it a step further with iSparkle smart LED light strings. With smart LED lights like iSparkle, you can now control your light strings through your mobile phone, manage multiple light sets, create beautiful scenes with brilliant effect and colors or sync with your favourite music. iSparkle simply adds the cherry on top of your decoration with brilliant colors, mesmerizing effects that you can enjoy seamlessly.


RGB String Lights: The glow on RGB strings lights have an exceptional quality that can transform even the most ordinary space into something magical. Furthermore, the glow these outdoor patio and deck lights emit is quite flattering—no need to worry if you have limited space on your backyard wall to hang these lights on. You can hang string lights on your porch, patio, balcony or garden space. RGB string lights will decorate any particular outdoor place you want a little extra glow in a matter of minutes. By choosing these LED lights, your decorating ideas will never be the same after seeing how easy it is to add charm and style to your outdoor space. 

RGB Festoon Party Lights: Medium sized 12 round bulbs with bright colors and a matt finish that makes it uniquely appealing. All you have to do is use the app to display your favorite colors and effects. If you have a larger space, you can combine up to use three iSparkle Festoon Party light sets to have a total of 36 bulbs. The Festoon Party lights are an excellent choice for birthdays, weddings, graduation, and other types of similar functions. These particular smart lights are perfect for setting the color scheme, while also giving out a dazzling effect. Indeed, the RGB Festoon Party light will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Curtain Lights: They are perfect addition to any home simply because they’re quite appealing for backyard or garden decorations. They have an accent lighting that creates a lovely ambiance for your outdoor, especially when hosting a party or function. These lights are also dazzling when hanging on the backyard windows, doors, or regions of your outdoor space that needs sufficient light.RGB Curtain Lights 120 LED is an easy way of adding instant color, texture, and pattern to your outdoor space, while ultimately improving both the look and feel. These particular outdoor decorations LED lights usually come in various sizes to add a soft, incandescent glow. Lastly, the plug-and-play style curtain lights make installation a breeze.

RGB Pearl Lights: An outdoor designer pendant or lamp will not be complete without the right lightbulb. The RGB Pearl Lights 120 LED is the perfect fit as it typically provides the right amount of light for your outdoor function, in addition to looking stylish. You normally have the option of choosing between pearl (colored white) LED bulbs and transparent LED bulbs that reveal the filament. Again, this is a personal preference; you can select the RGB Pearl bulbs for outdoor tables and floor lamps with shades. However, if you want to show off the fantastic retro filament, you can choose a clear bulb for your pendants.

Icicle Lights: They can add amazing effects to various outdoor displays. An icicle light has several bulbs connected in series on a single cable, the same way a regular string of Christmas lights looks. However, these particular LED have no lights on their primary wire or horizontal line. Therefore, they create the illusion of icicles hanging from a roofline since all of the light is illuminates from the central horizontal line. You can use these particular LED lights to decorate your outdoor entryway or railing. Alternatively, you can also hang them vertically from the branches of a large tree to look as if you’re using several sets of lights rather than just one. In other words, RGB Icicle lights are usually great for outdoor creative decorations or useful for any garden that requires dangling lights.

Cluster Lights: These particular lights are uniformly positioned along a string to have an enhanced glow and a much fuller look when compared to string lights. The bulbs are spaced about 2.5cm apart and provide light on both the top and bottom of the string. Cluster lights also come in different colors and varieties. These outdoor LED lights are perfect for decorating a garden with large trees simply because they have a brighter glow. Alternatively, you can also place the RGB cluster lights on your yard fence, garden windows, or on your gutter.

iSparkle RGB Color Effects

Create Magic with Ultra Vivid iSparkle Colors

Make Your Summer Dreams Come True!

iSparkle Smart RGB Lights give out the brightest colors and the most notable effects at the push of a button with an easy-to-use app. All the various types of iSparkle decoration LED lights are most definitely going to revitalize your garden and outdoors making the entire experience worthwhile.

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