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Our Favourite DIY Christmas Ornament Design Ideas 

Our favorite time of the year is around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited for Christmas 2021 after having to miss out on a lot of our favourite Christmas rituals due to Covid last year. Let’s bust out the ornaments and start decorating our house with trees, garlands and sparkling lights while the best Christmas tunes play in the background.

While there are many styles and trends that we would like to share with you to give you new ideas and inspiration, in this post we’ll be mostly focusing more on budget-friendly ornaments. We believe that there’s always simple and easy to try DIY solutions to create amazing decorations without breaking the bank or cutting back on the Christmas cheer! Besides, trying out these ideas as a family can be a fun experience to remember. 

Let’s go over the ideas iSparkle team has curated for you and learn how we can blend these ideas with what you already have at home. Choose your ornament style, add your favourite iSparkle Lights as the star piece of your decoration and you are ready for Christmas joy!

1- Handmade Character Ornaments:

If you have felt (carton can also work but we love felt better since it gives a warmer feeling and it lasts at least a few seasons) in a few colors, a scissors and glue, this will be a very easy craft for you but we can’t promise how easy it’s going to be to decide on the shape or the character. Here you can get inspired by a family favourite “Frozen” and get ready to dance around the tree singing “Let it snow”!

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Simply, cut body shapes from felt stick pieces using hot glue. You can use googly eyes to make them more fun. They are very easy to handcrafts shops or online.  

2-Revamp your old ornaments

We all have old and worn out ball shaped ornaments. If you still keep them in your holiday box this one’s for you and they can also be used as gift toppers too. Simply color them with acrylic paint, cut out antlers from hard carton and stick them using glue, then add eyes and nose using mini pom poms (you can either buy them or make them easily using thread) and googly eyes. Make more than one, and you've got yourself an entire herd of cute reindeer.

DIY Ornaments DIY Ornaments 

If you don’t want to dye your ornaments, you can cover them with small cloth pieces in a color or pattern you like. Since you can simply tie them at the top without using glue, you can always go back to their original version in the next few years.

3-Sugar Cookie/ Salt Dough Ornaments 

Kids (or anyone) who love baking will love either of these and don't worry we won’t tell anyone if a few of them get missing :)


For salt dough ornaments, all you need is 4 cups of  all-purpose flour, 1 cup salt, and 1 1/2 cups of warm water in a mixing bowl. Knead until the dough is firm and smooth. Roll out dough and cut desired shapes (use a straw to poke a hole for hanging). Bake at 300°F until dry, approximately 1 hour; cool completely. You can dye them using acrylic paint and get as creative as you want by adding sparkles and glitter. 

Check out the sugar cookie ornaments tutorial here at Good Housekeeping.

4- Scrap Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornament

When you are decorating a tree, adding ornaments in different shapes and sizes will help you get a fuller look and you can always combine various styles together. This one will be a very nice addition to ball shaped ornaments. Simply pair up leftover ribbon or scrap fabric using a twine and a twig from your backyard. 

Get the tutorial at Fireflies and Mud Pies.

5- Dried Fruit Ornaments

This is by far our most favourite style this year and it will look perfect if you are planning on a more natural look for your decoration this year. You can go with a simpler style just using them as they are or you can add more layers by using dry flowers, ribbons, pine cones or whatever else you can source from your house. Just get creative!


6- Embroidery Hoops 


If you are a DIY enthusiast, you are probably familiar with embroidery. This one will require 3-5 inches miniature hoops and throw away pieces of Christmas sweaters, PJs or runners. Tighten the fabric or wool pieces in hoops, cut out, trim if needed and you are good to go. Use ribbons or thread in a matching to hang them.

7- Family Memoirs

With or without frames, you can decorate your tree with family photos. This is always a fun idea where you can remember the past year and feel grateful for such beautiful memories. Or you can take a quick tour through holidays past with this retro-inspired photo tree. Just fasten old photos using small clothespins as well as ribbon, other handmade ornaments and of course sparkling lights!!


Well we hope you will find at least a few ideas that you’d like to try for this year. Make your ornament, decorate your tree, wrap around your iSparkle Lights and share your Christmas 2021 style on instagram tagging @isparklelight.

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