Amazing Ways to Decorate your Room with LED String Lights

A warm, comfortable and eye pleasing bedroom will give a cozy and relaxing feeling. It’s often an overlooked space for decoration as it’s a private space some of us don’t necessarily spend as much time in compared to the rest of our home.

Bedrooms are very personal and intimate, and with the help of string lights there are ways to make your bedroom inviting, peaceful and dreamy! 

When choosing lights for bedroom decor, make sure to go for smart LED lights. That way you can control them with an app, you can play with the colors, dim your lights, and even automize the lights to turn them on/off. Whenever you want without leaving the comfort of your bed!

iSparkle Smart LED lights offer all of this with just a few taps on your mobile phone or voice control feature on iSparkle RGB Edition. Decorate your space and enjoy while iSparkle does the job for you!

Keep reading to learn a few room inspo LED lights ideas you can try in your bedroom to turn it into a magical land where you can’t wait to go in!

Sparkly Glowy Bedhead 


Bedhead decorated with fairy lights

Using curtain lights behind your bed head or on the wall is a very simple and effortless way to add a soft glow to your bedroom at night. Another way to decorate your bedroom with string lights is by attaching them right on the headboard.


room inspo string lights on bedhead


You can either wrap the string lights if you have bars on your bedhead, or use icicle lights if you have a flat surface or a bed head with a soft material. No matter which one you try, don’t forget to complete the look by adding wall art, plants, and objects that will give dimension to the space. 

Starry Nights


bedroom lights decor ideas


If you want a bedroom lights decor that is magical and whimsical every time you lay down on your bed, then try creating a starry night effect with your lights. You can directly install them on the ceiling or combine it with a bed canopy.

Both curtain lights and string lights can be used to create this effect. To make a bed canopy, all you need is to place a see-through sheer or tulle material over the top of your bed, and then add a few hanging sets of string lights or one set of curtain lights. Combine the canopy with fluffy pillows and bed throws with a soft fabric to really feel like you are sleeping on the clouds. 

The Sea of Lights


bed decorated with led lights


This is great for insta-famous pallet bed frames, but you can try it out with any frame as long as you have enough space below. Simply tuck in your lights under your bed and turn on the glow for coziness. 

Create Your Own Wall Art With String Lights


string lights art


String lights are bendable and flexible, so they can be used in many ways to beautify your space. You can hang them as they are and they will make your room glow. But, if you feel like getting more creative and doing something unique with them, then you can try using them to create some cool wall art like the photos shown here. Even the most novice of crafters can pull this off! 


wall art with led lights

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