5 Reasons Why You Need Smart LED Lights

Decorative LED lights can be a game changer if you are looking for ways to make a bright refresh to your home and add playful pop of colors or cozy warm glows for your indoor and outdoor spaces. There are tons of DIY LED light decoration ideas and products to choose from but only one brand that will sparkle up your house in an easy to use, budget friendly but yet spectacular way!

iSparkle Lights are designed and developed to give you the ultimate freedom and control to alter your decoration with only a few taps from your mobile device thanks to the user friendly iSparkle APP that will help you create an enchanting space with LED lights.

Here’s a few reasons why you need iSparkle lights in your life right now:

1. Match Your Space to Your Style

iSparkle Smart LED lights are great to instantly brighten up your house or any space (your office, your events or your store decoration) with a statement element. You can choose RGB colors or classical warm glows depending on the vibe you are going for. Personalise with words, shapes or designs to fit any occasion and perfectly reflect your style! Take your customisation to next level by combining multiple lights, color and change them as often as you like with a few taps on iSparkle APP. 

2. Highlight What Matters 

Brighten up those dark spaces and feel your mood lift with some fun colors and playful playful patterns.  Make your walls, windows, bed head, garden or any corner in your house in pop and glow after the sunset and sit back to relax without the worry of turning your iSparkle off when the day is over for you. By setting the timer on iSparkle APP, you don’t need to worry about turning on or off your lights anymore.

3. Impress Your Friends and Family

The challenging solo times of the last few years are over. Now it’s time to reconnect with your loved ones as much as you can to create new magical memories.Invite your people to your place for casual or formal gatherings, decorate your space with your iSparkle lights and voila! Your lights will be the perfect backdrop through all seasons and any occasion. Colorful hues and mesmerising effects of iSparkle RGB Edition or the dimmable warm glows of iSparkle Rhythm Edition, that can dance to your music will impress your guests the moment they step in. If you want to go big, use up to 10 iSparkle LED light sets to create the ultimate show stopping effect and seamlessly manage them together by commanding Alexa, Google Home or simply through your phone without leaving your seat.


4. Create a Magical Garden

With spring around the corner and summer on it’s way, it’s the perfect time to try out a garden touch up to get ready for the warmer, outdoorsy days. Choose from a range of classic string lights with soft glows or pop RGB colors to enchanting festoons party lights, iSparkle lights are perfect for elevating every outdoor space with a chance to refresh your style anytime you like. Let your personal taste shine through in your patio, garden or terrace as you customise your lights to help you relax, enjoy, celebrate and get the most of of warm evenings in the comfort of your own house. 

5. Dance the Night Away

A spectacular decor will brighten up your mood and as you play your favourite tunes, dance the night away either solo, with your besties or a larger party. The bright colors, mesmerising effects and your lights dancing with you to your music will create a perfect party atmosphere. Use iSparkle Festoon Party Lights as the center piece and add more light sets depending on the size of your space.LED lights decoration for parties are easier than you think with iSparkle lights. Check out our blog to get inspired for DIY decoration tips on our blog here.


Get ready to to reflect your style with a seamless audio-visual experience with iSparkle Smart LED lights. No matter where, when and how you use your iSparkle Lights, you’ll always be pleased with the results. And for sure it will be the highlight of any social gathering that you put together.

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