Easy Ways to Brighten up Your Home with LED Lights All Year Round

Christmas is long gone and your lights are already back in the storage. It's likely that you may be feeling that your home is empty and bare, but LED string lights are a great way to keep the comforting warm glow in your home everyday.

You can give accent to dark corners, liven up your walls, touch up your bedroom with LED string lights, curtain lights and fairy lights by using what you have at hand or adding a few light sets to your collection. If you have been using traditional decorative LED lights, iSparkle Smart Lights are going to blow your mind with their easy to use smart app, brilliant glows, mesmerising effect and many other features that will brighten up your home with minimal effort.

Below are our favourite ways to style fairy lights in your home to keep it cosy and bright all year long. 

Add Some Glow to your Memories

photos and lights 

Try it on an empty wall or in a corner of the room it doesn’t matter. This photo display will be a total highlight wherever you use it. You can shape the strings into a zigzag or level/layer them then attach as many photos as you like. Ideally, you should use polaroid size photos (you can find someone here to print and deliver the photos on your phone to your doorstep) with small clips and bigger photos with clothespins. This display doubles as a lighting fixture as well as a tribute to beautiful memories. 

 Lights That Make a Statement


With sweeping curves, bright colors, and dazzling lights, you can express your hopes and dreams on any wall of your home or make a statement in your own way. String lights are great to create handwritten text and put up on any wall in the house from the kitchen to the bathroom as long as they are water-resistant like these. They can be the centerpiece of your decoration or just an accent depending on how dim or bright you use them. Here’s a classical LED iSparkle with dimmer and music synch features. Let that statement come to life with your favorite beats.

Everyday Romance 


Renewing your house will renew your energy and elevate your emotions. This boho country-inspired bedroom is filled with romance and relaxation thanks to the soft glow of string lights. A platform bed made of rough wood or pallets is ideal for tucking string lights beneath the mattress. Add as many strings as you want to achieve the desired level of lighting in your bedroom. Turn on the glow for romance and fun when it's time to turn off the lights.


A Head Full of Lights


Transform your bedroom into an illuminated wonderland with this light arch. The LEDs’ soft luminescence creates the illusion of a solid headboard while providing a dreamy radiance to you while enjoying your comfy bed. You will look stunning under the warm golden beams of classical iSparkle Lights or rainbow-like colors of iSparkle RGB. You can create this effect using many string lights or a very long one depending on how you prefer the shape of your LED light headboard. It’s going to be simpler but more glamorous than you think.

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