Smart Decorative LED Lights Explained

Looking to refresh your home decor easily and without breaking your bank? Decorative LED Lights can be the answer to your search. Even though they are traditionally used for Christmas and Holiday decoration, they are the perfect choice to uplift your mood, elevate your home decor and reflect your personal style everyday. After all, the right illumination is essential for an enchanting interior and decorative LED lights are designed to create a dreamy look wherever and whenever they are used.

They have a relaxing effect, making you feel at ease, cheerful, and more present in the moment. If you want to add some more delightful vibes to your daily life, string lights or any type of decorative lights are a great way to go.

If you are already a fan of decorative LED lights such as string lights, festoon lights, curtain lights and icicle lights or recently considering to use these ambient light elements, elevate your lighting game by trying out smart LED lights upgraded with the most recent LED technology and supercharged with smart home features.

Here are the top features you will get from Smart LED Lights that are available in iSparkle range.

Smart App Control with Wifi or Bluetooth Connection

Imagine the convenience of controlling all your lights with one tap. Either with wifi or bluetooth, connect your light sets, group and manage them effortlessly. With iSparkle, creating a spectacular scene will always be easy and fun.

Spectacular Colors and Effects

There’s no better way than colorful lights to transform your space in seconds. The diffused glow of iSparkle lights comes in a wide range of colors and effects for you to choose from. If you are into pop and bright RGB Colors, check out the RGB Edition or take a look at the Rhythm Edition if you are into warm golden glows and traditional LED colors that’s an elegant classic. Your decoration will now truly reflect the colors of your mood and your style every day. 

Hands-free Control with Alexa and Google Home Kit

Just voice command your lights to turn them on and off, change the colors or effects. When you are using iSparkle RGB range this will be one of your favourite features.

Convenience with Automation

You don’t really need to remember or get up to turn on/off your lights. Schedule the timer of your iSparkle lights and let them do the job for you. After setting up the timer, you can just sit back and chill...

Group and Manage Your Lights

When you are using more than one light set and want to liven up your lights with colors, patterns or effects, it can be frustrating to synchronize them. iSparkle RGB Edition comes with 64 color and pattern combination that you can choose from. Once you choose which ones to go with, group and manage your light sets all together with a few taps on your phone using iSparkle RGB App effortlessly.

Check out how the app works here.

Let your Lights Dance to your Favourite Music

If you are in the mood for a little party or spice up the mood with some music, iSparkle Rhythm Edition lights can play along and dance to your beats!

It’s time to say goodbye to boring lamps and make your home look gorgeous with iSparkle Smart LED Lights effortlessly.

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