Christmas Pop Art Decorations

Colorful Christmas tree

Christmas is not only a time to celebrate and connect with loved ones, but it’s also a time to express ourselves. 

Christmastime give us a chance to get creative, find inspiration, and share.

Every year we see different influences in the decorations, and this year a key art movement is part of the Christmas decorations: POP ART!

Pop Art presented itself as a challenge to traditional fine arts. Heavily influenced by the popular culture. It is modern, bold, vibrant, exciting, and always makes you smile. That’s why it goes perfectly with the most joyful time of the year!

Like any artist in other modern art movements, Pop artists brought in fresh ideas about materials, functionality, and the way they approached the world. They were brave and they experimented. 

If this year you are looking for a Christmas theme that is really fun and that stands out, Pop Art is the right theme for you.

Start by looking for bold objects and reflective materials that allow you to play with light and color to add to the sense of fun and vibrancy. Bring in neon colors to make it even more eye catching. Don’t be shy, the more lights and colors the better for this theme.

led lights of vibrant colors

Lights of different colors are essential to achieve this theme. Choose light strings with different shapes and sizes, such as combining pearl lights with festoon party lights. Use lights in contrasting colors, and add texture and glam with micro cluster lights. And, don't forget to add mesmerizing effects to your lights!

Follow these tips and your home will be ready to pop into the New Year!



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