Sparkling Spring Decoration Ideas

Days got brighter, flowers are blooming, and our spirits have lifted because spring is already here! The time of renewal. That’s why when the spring fever hits, many of us feel like making changes, cleaning up, and getting refreshed. Getting your space spring-ready can be as simple as a vase of fresh flowers on the coffee table, doing a complete makeover, or maybe a few simple touches to bring spring joy to your home.

Let’s shake off the winter blues and give new life to your home this spring!


Fairy Lights in a Bottle

LED String Lights in a Bottle    Glass bottles with string lights

The vibrant colors sparkling in a frosted vase or a bottle can be a simple yet dreamy touch-up for any room in your home. Fill the vase with classical or RGB string lights and allow the lights and colors to fill the space softly. This simple touch will be amazing for an ordinary night or a special date night at home. If you want to magnify the effect, you can place the vase in front of the mirror. 


Spring on Your Walls

 string lights decorationWall decoration with string lights

If you feel like bringing in elements of nature in your decoration in a unique way, try this tree-shaped light installation on the wall. Use a long string light like this or use multiple but shorter strings to form the led cables into a tree using tape and let them get a little bit tangled to create this effect of branches and trunk. Every little LED will look like a blossom and your tree will look magical in the dark. This is a fun DIY decoration project that you can try in any room of the house including the kid’s room. They will love it! If you want to try out a different shape, like this eye here or a pattern using string lights just remember that you can do whatever you are imagining. These lights are extremely flexible, convenient and functional! 


A Natural Touch

Plants and Lights plants with lights

If you want to really bring nature in, try adding new members to your family: Plants! You might have heard that these days, people call house plants their new pets! They don’t only bring life to your space but also truly make you feel like you are in nature with the colors and the vibe they bring in. String lights and plants look so lovely together! Try out these styles to create your urban oasis.



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